Tommy Emmanuel - Emmanuel Labor DVD
Instructional DVD
Emmanuel Labour is Tommy Emmanuels latest instruction DVD. It contains songs from the albums Only, Endless Road and The Mystery.
Tommy’s hands are filmed from different angles, and his Maton guitar sounds nice.

In the beginning of each song, Tommy tells a little bit about it. What inspired him writing this particular song for example. He plays the song, usually without repetitions. Then he starts with the explanation. All the measures are being explained, slowly and with lots of close-ups of his hands. Especially the hardest parts are repeated a few times, which makes everything very clearly.

On the original recordings, Tommy’s guitar is sometimes tuned down a half or a whole tone. To avoid lots of tuning, on the DVD everything is played in standard tuning. Also, the guitar is tuned to 440 Hz instead of the 444 Hz used on the albums. However, sometimes a capo is being used.

It is recommended that you study the books with the tablature and sheetmusic before using the DVD. Then Emmanuel Labour is a very useful tool to learn the ins and outs of the songs. In a few places, the songs played on the DVD differ sligthly compared to how they are played on the original recordings. Altough this won’t be an obstacle.

As an extra, three of the songs are filmed with only a close-up of Tommy’s left hand. Also, some of the fastest parts are filmed and slowed down to help you figure out the exact movements of Tommy's hands.

In short, it is a very nice DVD for the Tommy Emmanuel fans. It will be the most useful if you already can play the songs at least a little bit. But because of all the tips and anecdotes it will be a joy for less experienced players too.
Remember that learning Tommy Emmanuel pieces is not easy. You should be willing to spend time on excercising. With that in mind, you really should see this DVD.

1. Luttrell
2. Timberlake Road
3. Drive Time
4. Mombasa
5. Those Who Wait
6. Train To Dusseldorf

1. Angelina
2. Endless Road
3. (The Man With The) Green Thumb
4. Old Town
5. Tall Fiddler

1. The Mystery
2. Gameshow Rag/Cannonball Rag
3. Diggers' Waltz
4. Lewis and Clark
5. Antonella's Birthday