Joe Robinson - Midnight in Nashville
In 2007, Joe Robinson releasd his first album called 'Birdseed'. A year later, he won the final of the television program Australia's Got Talent. Since then Joe has played all over the world, both as a support act for Tommy Emmanuel, as well as solo or with his band. In 2009 he won the World Championships of Performing Arts, which had over 75.000 competitors.

'Midnight in Nashville' is the title of Joe Robinson's second album. The album features twelve of his own songs. The pieces are not only technically difficult, but the compositions itself are also quite impressive.
Joe makes use of a thumbpick in all of the songs, and he uses his palm to mute the bass a little bit. The fast licks that sometimes pop up in the songs fit well; they are not only there to show how fast it can be played.
In the records you can clearly hear the thumbpick touching the strings. In de background you will softly hear Joes feet tapping the floor, and the movements of his arm against the guitar. These kind of sounds will make you think that's he is playing right in front of you
The song 'Bergeson Fries' features Tommy Emmanuel. Besides that, this song shows how beautiful you can mix two guitars into a stereo sound.

Maybe the album could have contained one ore two more slower, ballad-type songs. But nevertheless, it is a magnificent album, and Joe Robinson seems to have a great future in the music.

1. Strutting It
2. Its Not Easy
3. Misty
4. Fleabites
5. Daddy Longlicks
6. Bergeson Fries (Feat. Tommy Emmanuel)
7. Royal Flush
8. Time Jumpin’
9. Dizzy
10. Fireflies
11. Larry’s Blues
12. Midnight In Nashville