How to play guitar
This page tells you about how to play guitar, things you should take care of and the do's and don'ts. It might be a good starting point for anyone who is a beginner guitar players, or who would like to start to play the guitar.

  • Choose the kind of guitar you would like to play; acoustic or electric. If it is an acoustic, would you like to have a nylon string (classical) or a steel string.
  • Get a good teacher. This is very important. A professional teacher can learn you al the ins and outs of how to play guitar. Or maybe even more, how not to do it. Books and websites can't tell you what you are doing wrong! You can tell the teacher the style or the kind of songs you would like to play, and probably he will have dozens of songs like that which you might like too. From easy to difficult, you are learning things step by step.
  • Choose music which you would like to play; this will keep you motivated, playing the guitar can be difficult sometimes.
  • Be critical. Try to find the mistakes you make yourself, by recording it for example. Just a cheap microphone is good enough; you aren't listening for sound quality. Listen to the music and find out which parts sound strange to you, detect wrong notes and listen to uninentional dampening of the strings.
  • Don't give up. Especially in the beginning, it can be difficult. When the progress is small, you fingers hurt and the people in your surroudings are have heard enough of the simple music and mistakes, you might want to stop. But everyone has faced this, and you will get over it.
  • Have fun! In the end, this is what guitar playing is all about.

Hopefully this will help you starting your carreer as a musician, know you know how to play guitar!