Boss GT-10
Guitar effects processor
Most people will think of electric guitars when they see a effect processor. Although the Boss GT-10 is meant for electric guitar, you can also plug in a acoustic one off course. The only things you will need next to this, are a pickup in your guitar and an amplifier. You will see that with a bit of creativity it is possible to get a very original sound, especially while making use of the loop function.

The processor is mainly controlled by foot switches. While playing, the are being used to swich between different modes, the so-called ‘patches’. In a patch, all of the settings are being saved. Switching between patches makes it easy to get a whole different sound for a solo for example. You won’t have to change all of the settings each time you want to play a certain song, everything is stored in one of the 400 memory banks.
The pedal is being used as a volume control, but it is also possible to control other parameters of an effect with it. Like the delay’s length, or the reverb volume.

The effect processor also has got a loop function. This gives you the possibilty to record up to 38 seconds, which is being repeated afterwards. Bass, melody, chords, percussion, a solo, you name it. Indeed, fingerstyle guitar players can do this all without equipment like this. But the nice thing about this device is that each time all the effects are available. To the bass part for example you add an effect that takes the frequency down an octave. To the melody a little bit of reverb, and the solo chorus. And some delay to the percussion. Each of these effects have a few parameters to adjust,so it will always sound as you want it to. In the end you will be surprised with the sound that’s made with a guitar.
If you use the loop function a lot, you might want to have some more possibilitys to it. For example like the RC-20XL or the RC-50, which can record more different tracks. These devices are easy to use next to the GT-10.

If you go further in the menu’s and settings, it becomes quite apparent that the GT-10 wasn’t designed for acoustic guitar. The sound can be optimalised to single coil pickups or humbuckers for example. And you won’t need all of the virtual amplifiers with their different sounds. It fun try just some different amplifiers, but you won’t use them a lot probably.

Although you pay for a lot of options that are probably never being used, this effect processor is also for fingerstyle guitar players a nice piece of equipment. Reverb, chorus and delay are useful effects for acoustic music. With some creativity en trying a few settings, the flanger effect, wah, distortion and the equilizer are useful too. And a volume control pedal is always nice to have at gigs, whether you play alone or with others. The build-in tuner is quite accurate and a USB port is useful if you want to use it for recordings. If you have equipment that is controlled with MIDI, the GT-10 can act as a MIDI controller. After all, it is worth it to try a effect processor like this Boss GT-10.