Best acoustic guitar
This page is about the best acoustic guitar available. Of coure this is very personal and there isn't something like 'the best acoustic guitar', but we are writing about guitars which come very close to this.

Built in Montreal by Michael Greenfield, these are one of the finest sounding guitars. Greenfield treats the back to be as important as the top, and he has proved right. His guitars are adored by a lot of fans around the whole world. A lot of his guitars are built with fanned frets. Fingerstyle guitarplayer Andy McKee owns a few Greenfield guitars.
Lowdens are built in Ireland, and they have a rare bracing pattern and a pinless bridge. This causes the guitars to have their own sound, which is very beautiful.
The Martin D-28 is adored by many guitarists. It is the cheapest acoustic guitar on this page, but is very versatile as well as in the studio, on stage or just on the couch.
Not everyone likes the Taylor sound, but this is personal. The Taylor NT neck causes this guitars probably to have the best playability available.

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