AKG Perception 220
Large diaphragm condenser microphone
A lot of guitarplayers would like to make recordings of their own music. Because of the lowering equipment prices this group keeps growing. But only the signal off your pickup probably won’t give the sound you are aiming for. Or even worse just your webcam’s microphone.

The microphone we are talkin gabout is the AKG Perception 220. It is sold in a (plastic) case, along with a shockmount. A shockmount dampens the vibrations from the floor which will otherwise reach the microphono via the stand.

The microphone has two switches: a bass-cut and a -20 dB pad. The -20 dB is useful if you are recording the specific sound of an amplifier (or another instrument like a saxophone for example). The signal that the microphone passes trough will otherwise be too high for a mixer. The bass-cut reduces the basses volume. Whether you like this or not, is something you should try yourself. Condenser microphones are mainly used in studio environments; of course you can add an equalizer in the recording software afterwards.

The AKG is a little bit on the heavy side. This is something you should take into account when buying a mic stand.

Keep in mind that the position of the microphone relatively to the guitar has a very large influence onto the recorded sound. Just place the microphone in a few different positions to determine the sound you like the most.

For home recording, this is a very good microphone. All of the frequencies sound nice. In combination with a Yamaha MW8cx for example, it is possible to make nice sounding recordings for a affordable price for hobbyists.