AER Compact 60
Acoustic guitar amplifier
AER has been one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to amplification of acoustic music. The amps they build are used by many professional guitarists. The Compact 60 has a beautiful warm, acoustic sound. Your acoustic guitar will sound very natural with this amplifier.

When you open the volume some more than necessary in for example a living room, the capabilities of the AER become truly apparent. It doesnít matter how far the volume is turned on; there isnít any distortion. The amplifier can be used easily in middle-sized venues. Because of the size and its low weight, it is very easy to carry around.
All the frequencies are good amplified; wherever on the neck you play the guitar, everything sounds clearly. And playing for example in DADGAD tuning you can, despite the amplifiers small size, feel the floor vibrate.

The amplifier also contains a small effect unit. This unit has four effects: warm hall reverb, bright hall reverb, chorus + reverb and flanger. It is possible to adjust the intensity and volume independently.
The sound of the effects is beautiful. Guitarists who never have used effects would certainly have to try how their music will sound with a little bit of reverb or chorus added to it. The effects are particularly useful to give some songs their own sound, and it brings a little more depth in the signal from your pickup. Moreover, your guitar sounds on the whole a lot fuller.
If you make use of the effects a lot, youíll probably want some more posibilities. Then take a look for example at the effects processors of Alesis or Lexicon. The AER has a send and return, so it is no problem for an external effects processor to be included in the signal. For most guitarists however, the built-in effects will be enough.

The amplifier has two inputs, each of them have an equalizer. The second channel has both a jack and an XLR input. Both channels can make use of the built-in effects unit, but you canít use diferent effects simultaneously. The volume of the effects can be regulated per channel.
The following outputs are available: phones, tuner, line out, DI out, send and return. Moreover, there is a connection for a footswitch for regulating the effects.

As said before, next to the 1/4"jack input the amplifier also has an XLR input. This input provides 24 volt phantom power. While this is enough for an external DI box, or effects pedal, you can not connect a condenser microphone to it. Most of them will need 48V phantom power. It is therefore not possible for example during a studio recording to plug a such a condenser microphone directly into the amp, and use the Compact 60's preamp. This is perhaps a disadvantage for some guitarists, but actually it is the only downside we could find.

The amp is being sold with a carrybag, which has sufficient storage space for a few cables, strings and for example a tuner. Although the AER isnít cheap, it is certainly worth the money. If you think it is a little bit too expensive, then have a look at the AER Alpha. The Alpha is based on the Compact 60, but has a power rating of 40 watt instead of 60. AER also manufactures the Compact Classic Pro, which is a Compact 60 designed for classical guitar.
The AER Compact 60 is a solidly built amplifier that produces a beautiful sound. If you are looking for an amplifier, you really should give this one a try. Probably you want it right away.